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About us

van·cou·ver [ vanˈko͞ovər]       a southwestern urban oasis in beautiful British Columbia occupied by seriously coffee-obsessed addicts and foodie sophisticates who are fiercely passionate about their hometown.

ba·ris·ta [bəˈrēs-tə]      one who expertly creates and serves coffee and coffee drinks (such as cappuccino and espresso) and sometimes non-coffee based beverages. (refer to vancouver)

In Dec 2014, Mike told me he wanted to create a small coffee blog. I got excited and asked if I could help: I have a background in writing and loved the idea of a creative project we could do together. We talked about the blogs out there and wanted to create something with a different voice.

Interestingly, we came up with the name of our blog first, Vancouver Barista, before any other decisions. It’s been a lucky rabbit foot for us, in that it inspired our content for writing about “coffee, food and all things Vancouver”.

We talked about how we love our city, but how so many of us don’t know or appreciate it. So began our decision to explore, blog and photograph our experiences in Vancouver.

By the end of Jan 2015, we published our first post. If you compare our early posts to the most current ones, you may notice that our city changes, but so do we.

Vancouver, thank you for continuing to surprise us. It goes to show that going home might be the best adventure of all.

Shirley & Mike

P.S. Here’s a sweet interview with the Burnaby NOW about how this blog got started.


Mike (“the Barista”)

Passions:  All things coffee, great food, cycling, music, BBQ, travelling, playing tennis, watching pro sports (hockey, football, road cycling, basketball, tennis).

Favourite beverages: Fresh coffee, of course!

Every morning, I make my own coffee. Depending on my mood, I brew coffee using my espresso machine or something handcrafted. I’m a big fan of pour over.

I brew coffee at home by buying beans from as many different local roasters as possible. Check out the Coffees We’ve Brewed page for a constantly updated list.

Favourite foods: Anything meat and seafood, BBQ and pastries.


Shirley (“the Creative”)

Passions: Writing (I have a journalism background), travelling, eating, café culture, art, Vancouver, baking, watching road cycling.

Favourite thing to make: All-scratch apple pie.

Favourite foods: Ice cream, pastries and anything sweet.

Favourite beverages: Lattes of all kinds. I don’t drink straight coffee since the caffeine is too much for me.

A Blog for the Love of Coffee, Food & All Things Vancouver

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