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Vancouver Barista’s How to Coffee 101 Lessons

Tropical Iced Coffee

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Tropical Iced Coffee Recipe -Vancouver Barista best new cafes coffee shop reviews
If life’s about small victories, the triumph of opening a young coconut should be on every home barista’s bucket list.


“The camera pans the cocktail glass.”

-P.M. Dawn (from “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”)

Last weekend, Mike and I spent some productive hours binge watching old episodes of the 80s show, Love Boat. Never gone on a cruise, by the way. Continue reading Tropical Iced Coffee

Irish Coffee Using Hario V60

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Irish Coffee using Hario V60 - Vancouver Barista recipe
Irish Coffee goes global with an Asian pour over technique


“Lift my days, light up my nights.”

-U2 (from “Mysterious Ways”)

Mike recently headed to our local liquor store to pick up an ingredient for our Irish coffee recipe. Scanning the shelf, he inspected a tiny bottle with even tinier font. For four dollars, it was like a wee bottle of Moet for a leprechaun – what you might see tucked in the butter shelf of a hotel’s mini fridge – and slid it across the counter. Continue reading Irish Coffee Using Hario V60