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  1. Hey Mike and Shirley. Wow, that map of 100+ coffee places in Vancouver reviewed is pretty INTENSE, especially with a link to a review for each place! Thanks for such a great resource. I gotta ask… after all that coffee tasting/experiencing, do you think you’ve found the best coffee in Vancouver? What’s your top recommendation at the moment?

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks that’s so nice of you to comment! We’re glad you found the map useful. That’s such an interesting question. Coffee is so subjective and it depends on what the person likes. What we like might not be what someone else enjoys. But after all this time, it’s become about the journey of finding great places to have coffee in Vancouver. The more we explore, the more we realize how can you not find amazing coffee right in your own backyard??? We’re happy to help be the medium to bring people and cafes together:) Shirley & Mike

  2. Hi Mike and Shirley, do you know of any latte making classes in Vancouver. You had some articles about this a while ago, but EspressoTec don’t seem to offer them anymore.

  3. Hi there. This is my favourite blog for all things coffee in Vancouver. I noticed that one of the areas you haven’t been to yet is Richmond. Check out Viva Java. I recently did and it was an interesting experience. A local roaster that is very passionate about his coffee and has been around for over 30 years. Good cafe mocha, but a bit on the pricier side.

    1. Hi Holly, Thanks so much for sharing! We really appreciate your comments. We have a list of a few cafes in Richmond (slim pickings) and we should get out there shortly. Thank you for the suggestion. We really like visiting local roasters.

    1. Hi Dave, We really enjoy the independent coffee shops around Vancouver and sharing our experiences with our readers through our writing and pictures. Hopefully within a year we’ll have a video series included. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hey Mike and Shirley. Great website, awesome photos and entertaining posts. Amazing what you have done in this short amount of time. Keep on having fun doing it!

    Looking forward to future posts.


    1. Hi Bill, Thanks for your comment! We are enjoying the whole process and have lined up lots of content. We love taking pictures so naturally we joined Instagram this week and are excited to share even more photos!

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