Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR (Las Vegas)

Author: Shirley Wong

Unique menu BURGR Las Vegas
Shirley with Gordon Ramsay’s unique BURGR menu which patrons are allowed to take with them as a souvenir

“I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face.”

– Scarlett Johansson

Sometimes you just get a hankering for a burger. The last time we were in Paris, one day I told Mike I just need a good cheeseburger. Maybe it’s disgraceful to admit I’d crave something so apparently mediocre in a true gourmet city such as the City of Light.

But believe it or not, we found a random Parisian bistro that made an awesome cheeseburger, with handmade beef patty, rustic bun and excellent hand cut cheese. So don’t look down at me for seeking out a great burger, no matter what city we are in! Continue reading Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR (Las Vegas)

Review of Platform 7 (East Village): Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Authors: Shirley and Mike Wong

Vancouver Barista at Platform 7
Coffee being prepared in a siphon at Platform 7 in East Van. This café is Stop 2 in our weekly Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee.

“Don’t talk rubbish. There’s no platform nine and three-quarters.”

-Vernon Dursley, Harry Potter’s uncle

This scene is what came to mind when Mike and I step through the door at Platform 7 in Stop 2 of our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee:

In Harry Potter’s world, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is a magical platform in London’s King’s Cross Station. It’s disguised behind a wall, between the Muggle Platform Nine and Platform 10. Students must enter this platform to board the Hogwarts Express Train and arrive at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When it’s Harry’s turn, he holds his breath, suspends all doubts and pushes his luggage cart, full tilt, directly through the wall. Somehow he arrives on the other side, mysteriously transported into another world. Continue reading Review of Platform 7 (East Village): Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

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