Moka Pot 101

Author: Mike Wong

Moka Pot (2)
The Bialetti Moka Pot, deconstructed. We’ll unravel the mystery of how to make a coffee using this classic, timeless technique.

“The journey is the reward.”

– John Lasseter

 What is a Moka Pot? You’ve probably seen one of these coffee makers in the kitchen or kitchen appliance section of most department stores. It’s a great stove top coffee maker. Continue reading Moka Pot 101

Review of Propaganda Coffee: Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Editor’s update (Mar 2017): This cafe now carries a rotating selection of roasters such as Bows & Arrows Coffee, Elysian Coffee, Phil & Sebastian, Pilot Coffee and Transcend Coffee.

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

propaganda coffee 28
View of the street from inside newly opened Propaganda Coffee in Chinatown at Main and Pender. The neighbourhood may look old but it’s undergoing a transformation of younger hipper locals.


“You don’t have to do everything from scratch. Nobody wants to make puff pastry!”

– Ina Garten

Chinatown is a neighbourhood that has deep roots in many people’s histories. Back in the day, visiting this neighbourhood was a day trip. As a kid, Mike’s mom would herd him and his sisters – scolding, hurrying along – on to the Hastings bus to ride a straight line west to Chinatown. Upon disembarking, the pattern was the same. Weave from store to store,  every available arm quickly heavy with bags of groceries, head to Woodward’s, then go home to East Village, feet tired, hungry for dinner.

Continue reading Review of Propaganda Coffee: Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

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