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Review of Caffè Di Beppe: Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Caffè Di Beppe Gastown Cordova Vancouver Barista best coffee cafés in Vancouver coffee shop reviews
Caffè Di Beppe in Gastown is a new café with an Italian authenticity that will transport you to another time. It’s Stop 139 on our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee.

“Make the rules.”

-Prince (from “Cream”)

Caffè Di Beppe, Gastown’s stylish, lush new coffee shop just opened at the right time. January is the time to map plans, bloom ideas, imagine beginnings. Indeed, your first resolution of 2018 should be to come here.

Part the curtains, because it all starts with that outgoing barista behind the espresso machine. He sports a plain white tee and comes forward to take our order. Continue reading Review of Caffè Di Beppe: Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery

Author: Shirley Wong

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Vancouver Barista best new cafes coffee shop reviews
The “Dirty Bowl” at the upscale Fat Duck Mobile Eatery – a food truck with restaurant quality food at great prices

“And we’ll fly!”

-Tenacious D (from “Wonderboy”)

With some people, they feel queasy when they see blood. For me, that would have to be when I see it on meat.

I once ordered duck in Paris. And I remember being surprised, as the waiter proudly presented the dish in front of me, seeing meat that was bloody red, very rare. Not exactly Chinese BBQ duck, if you understand my point. It’s uneasy moments like this can really discourage you from trying food in different ways. Continue reading Fat Duck Mobile Eatery