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Review of Starbucks Reserve (Mount Pleasant): Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Starbucks Reserve Vancouver Barista Mount Pleasant Vancouver's best coffee shops reviews
The new Starbucks Reserve café in Mount Pleasant aims to show slow brew is an eye-opening experience to mainstream coffee drinkers. It’s Stop 116 on our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee.

“It’s a start, a work of art.”

-Public Enemy (from “Fight the Power”)

Mount Pleasant’s new Starbucks Reserve café opened a week ago. It’s unique in that it’s a project of Starbucks “firsts”. That is, it’s the first Reserve Bar in Vancouver and Western Canada – and the first and only Starbucks in Canada to have the reputable Black Eagle espresso machine.

Looking back, this used to be your regular Starbucks. Then they closed and took a sledgehammer to a wall which separated them from a grocery next door. In the same way, it seems this chain is hoping to knock down the mainstream Vancouver coffee drinker’s perception of what Starbucks is all about.

It’s a retail test of survival, opening in a neighbourhood already densely populated with independent coffee shops. Continue reading Review of Starbucks Reserve (Mount Pleasant): Our Search for Vancouver’s Best Coffee

Hey Happy Coffee

Author: Shirley & Mike Wong

Hey Happy Coffee Vancouver Barista best new cafes coffee shop reviews
Hey Happy Coffee in Victoria is worth the Vancouver detour. It’s simply a good coffee at a place that’s uplifting.

“Behind that little smile I wore.”

-Stevie Wonder (from “Ma Cherie Amour”)

We were at Hey Happy Coffee in our province’s capital a few weeks ago, a place perfect to celebrate today, which happens to be National Coffee Day. There is an elusive something about this place.

Not every cafe hits the right note; but somehow this one does. It could be the Stevie Wonder album rolling, sun rays hitting just the right angle through their window. Maybe it’s the steady crowd of coffee drinkers are coming through that door (and not heading to a chain instead).

This place perks me up, makes me feel optimistic about the local coffee scene. Honestly Victoria, you never looked so good.

Continue reading Hey Happy Coffee