Vancouver Barista review, vancouver's best cafes, vancouver's best coffee

Vancouver Barista’s Top 10 Cafés in BC Living Magazine

Vancouver Barista's Top 10 Cafes in BC Living Magazine, vancouver's best cafes, vancouver's best coffee

Hi everybody,

We’re excited to share our recent interview with BC Living Magazine which was published today. They reached out to us a while ago, asking us to share our current favourite Top 10 cafés in Vancouver.

We’re thrilled that as time goes on, more people are listening to what we have to say about coffee in Vancouver. If we didn’t think we had anything new to say, we would never have started this project in the first place.

We’re witnessing a real evolution for coffee in this remarkable city. Thank you for your support and joining us on this fun ride!

Mike & Shirley

P.S. Check out the photos. Look familiar? Yes those are ours, except Medina’s 🙂

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  1. And from me too. I was going to support your project as a friend but it is so good I am just a fan and learn lots from i5. So congrats!

  2. Congratulations!!! This is very exciting… You’ve done an awesome job and I’m enjoying this fun ride with you.

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